Friday, March 13, 2009

A Bit of Culture and Crochet

My friend Nivene organized a little cultural outing to see the Arabesque exhibit at the Kennedy Center. The view from the terrace balcony was awesome, if you could bear the cold cold wind! This is Rosslyn across the Potomac at sunset, with a swirly wispy cloud thrown in for good measure:
The exhibit itself was smaller than I expected, through it's very possible that there was more to it than we had time to look for. There were traditional wedding dresses from different Arab countries, paintings, jewelry, a show on the Islamic world's contributions to science, and a giant walk-in kaleidoscope by Lebanese/Egyptian artist Lara Baladi. Here's what it looked like with someone going through it:
The person inside is both an observer and a part of the piece. Pretty cool!

In crafty news, I crocheted a pineapple:
It's for a Psych-themed yarn swap organized on Ravelry. I do love that show and all it's silly dialogue and endless pop culture references. I started out intending to make the Pineapple Bag from Rowan 42 but, alas, I suck at following crochet patterns. So I improvised a lot and wound up with this pineapply, bag-like thing. The yellow yarn is Artful Dance, a cotton/acrylic blend, and the green is leftover Saucon Sock from the green cotton socks. A fun swap with a side of stash-busting - bonus!

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