Sunday, March 08, 2009

Ice Socks

We had a little hockey knit night last Sunday. Well, it was more of a "hockey knit afternoon" since it was a 3pm game. I started a sock:
The game was a forgettable 6-2 loss to Florida. We were all bummed, so we left a little early and went to dinner. There are million places to eat around the Verizon Center. We ended up at Zaytina. I really like their Turkish Delight ice cream dessert, and their Cretan snail mezze (not at the same time of course). The rain had changed over to snow by the time we all headed home. When the storm was over, we had about 6-8 inches of snow, not to mention a three day weekend. Woohoo! Apparently, even bad hockey leads to awesomeness!

The sock I started is from the pattern Komet (this link may require a Ravelry login.) The yarn is Chameleon Colorworks Bambino, a bamboo/wool/nylon blend, in the color Cerulean Blue. "Cerulean blue is a gentle breeze..." - aww, I miss you, non-alien-related episodes of the X-Files! (The alien-related ones, not so much.)

So far I've finished the first sock and am working on the second. This fairly swift progress is mostly due to boredom while watching an ice show a few days ago. Here's the sock with Michael Weiss in the background:
Dancing has no appeal to me, and figure skating is basically dancing on ice. I know there are jumps, and ice dancing is considered a separate discipline, but regular dancers jump and ice dancing seems to me to be extremely synchronized figure skating. At any rate, it was dull and I knit a lot. One sock down, one to go.

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