Thursday, April 23, 2009

Color Footprints & Socks of Yesteryear

The orange socks are a done deal and they are oh so very bright. The second sock took forever. I kept straying to do other things like zombie book reading and doughnut terminology investigating. I also made a couple of ginormous cable scarves in very neutral tones to offset the shocking footgear I was unleashing on the world. How many color offsets do I need to make up for this:
Yes, I started a new loud sock. This is the Jaywalker (link requires Ravelry login) using Colinette Jitterbug in the Mardi Gras pattern. It is really stunningly insanely loud. It slipped my mind that Jitterbug was on the thick side of fingering, so this is actually my second attempt. The first one, knit as written for the smallest size, was way too big. This modified version is done over 68 sts, with k6 instead of k7 on either side of the double decrease. I knit a chevron sock once before, but I'd forgotten how inelastic they were. It's still a bit tricky to get the needlepoint through to do the double dec, even with my teensy 9" Hiya Hiyas keeping the circumference to a minimum.

I'm trying, with limited success, to be better about my WIPS. I don't even know how many I have hidden away all over the house. As such, I'm working bit by bit on the long neglected diamond sock, first started way way back in January 2007, when houses were for flipping and stocks were valuable. The first one is finally done.
Maybe I'll finish the second sock after the next economic bubble bursts.

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