Thursday, April 30, 2009

There and Back Again - West Virginia Edition

We went to Martinsburg, WV last Saturday as part of a tour organized through county parks & recreation. First stop was a chocolate shop
They had a whole case full of just truffles, in addition to the displays of their other candies (chocolate cover tofees, anyone?) We also got a tour of the kitchen. The guy in the middle with the red hat is Charlie, and yes, this is his chocolate factory.
We had lunch at a local restaurant called the Blue & White and walked around Queen St., the main drag. It seemed a pretty sleepy place, in general. There's the town hall, shops, including an antique place with a walking wheel in the window. There's plenty of art glass in West Virginia, and this town was no exception.
Pretty, but also more than a bit nerve-wracking to walk through. Must. Not. Break. Glass.

The last stop on the tour was the childhood home of Belle Boyd, who, as you can tell from this plaque, was quite a busy person.
The Boyd house had 2 great wheels, one of them looked mostly complete, in my inexpert opinion, at least, though it lacked a drive band. I'm not sure if they actually did any hand spinning as part of the housework during Belle Boyd's time. I've heard tell of Southern ladies lovingly producing butternut homespun for their strapping young soldiers, but it could just be sentimental hooey. I got the impression from some of the place names that Martinsburg, which changed hands lots of times during the war, was a milltown at some point.
If that was the case, it would have been silly to try to clothe an army with handspun when you had a textile factory at your disposal.

As for knitting, I've made a few changes in my sock lineup. The crazy rainbow Jaywalkers are no more. After all that fiddling because the smallest written size was too big, the modified version was just too small. The sentence was death by ballwinder. It was all very sad. But in other news, I've made a wee bit of progress with the second diamond weave sock. Here is the picot cuff in its pre-hemmed state:
I started an easy stocking stitch sock in a sunny colorway of Heart & Sole to work on in transit.
Half of this sock was done while watching Antebellum at Woolly Mammoth. (Belle was a worldly, sophisticated actress, but I'm sure she would have found that whole play pretty mortifying.) The bottom half of the sock was mostly done at the Spring Gala rehearsal. I do love mindless socks. They make me feel like a super multitasker, when in fact I am that worst of combinations, a lazy overscheduler.

Lest you think all is forgiven between me and Heart & Sole, let me share this:
The white arrow part should be the same shade of green as the red arrow part. But of course it's not. Grrr! Fool me twice, shame on me. The sad part is that I really like this yarn. The really sad part is I've got lots of it in the stash. There will be more complaining, that's for sure.

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