Friday, April 03, 2009

When did sock knitting become easier than doughnut ordering?

After the fiddly lacy cable of the Komet socks, I wanted some nice simple stocking stitch.
The yarn is Ditto, which feels kinda rough but looks quite nice colorwise. My only complaint apart from the harshness is that the second ball was wound in the opposite direction. I was a little confused when the colors came out in the wrong order. There was some frustrated ripping, but after rewinding with the ol' ball winder, the second sock went swimmingly.
Even with that little hiccup, I finished this pair in a week. Woohoo! Fast socks!

In other news, Mom and I have been using the recent Dunkin Donuts 6 for $3 promotion to clarify some burning questions about their doughnut naming scheme. The store we go through is a mostly drive thru business (it's attached to a gas station), so terminology matters, since you can't see what you're ordering. On day one, we asked for "chocolate glazed and glazed" and got this:
"Glazed" was no surprise. For "chocolate glazed," I was expecting a plain raised doughnut with chocolate glaze, but instead got a chocolate cake doughnut with a sugar glaze. Ok, so we knew how to get cake doughnuts, but how do we ask for chocolate glazed doughnuts? On day two, we asked for "glazed, chocolate, and sprinkles" and voila, success:
So, in summary, if you're ordering blindly at a Dunkin Donuts drive thru, "chocolate" means chocolate glazed and "chocolate glazed" means chocolate cake. And sprinkles means sprinkles. Bon apetit!

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