Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ma vie en chaussette rose

My current plain stocking sock is a very pink affair. The yarn, S.R. Kertzer On Your Toes 4, is giving me fits. It's probably just me, but I don't think I'm crazy to insist on having actual patterns in my self-patterning socks. Despite my growing distaste for this yarn, I've continued to work on the sock while commuting. I got a lot of work done on it at the latest Smithsonian hosted Alton Brown event.

The slide in the back has a human brain in a jar of bright green liquid and the text says "the most important tool in the kitchen." His talk was great, with the usual good humor and lots of audience participation. This may be an observation only a Washingtonian would care about, but I do find his broad appeal curious; politically speaking, he's seemed well right of the majority of the audience, but he had no problems holding an open forum on family, modern life, and of course, food, with a left-ish audience. Anyway, most of the foot was finished during the talk and subsequent wait to get an autographed book.

I only had about a 30 min wait. There were way more people behind me (I'm telling you, he's got some serious groupies). Come to think of it, I guess the line must wound its way back into the auditorium.

The next day, I finished the first sock at the Caps/Sharks game. Here it is with the future owner:
She seems kinda attached to it, so I'd better finish the second one!

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