Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Rhinebeck was wonderful! The weather was nowhere near as bad as they predicted. It was cold, but it didn't rain at all. Mom, Kim, Jersey Boy and I got to enjoy all the fibery critters without any of the mud.
And there were all the crafts too. Sausage is a craft, right? Well, I think it's crafty!

The Ravelry meetup was well attended.
I particularly enjoyed the button scrum.
Like they always say: so many buttons, so few Sharpies!

Kim and I knit on the Big Sock.
It takes a lot of circulars to knit something this big. There was a lady there to wrangle the knitters so they knew how to get started working on a section, and also how to stop. I wonder how the heel turn will work, whenever they get to it?

As for acquisitions, I was quite reserved. I bought a couple of small llama batts (3.8 oz total), a half pound of the infamous "Party in a Bag" blend, and some hand-dyed longwool roving (approx. 8oz). I also signed up for a subscription to Wild Fiber. I also brought home a cold. They were giving that out for free!

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Jinann said...

Great photos! I didn't get around much (as you know!). It was great seeing you there too. Glad you got to knit on the "giant sock" - how awesome!

I actually behaved myself purchase wise - I think it was mainly due to the limited time I had to shop....not due to any self-control! LOL!