Sunday, September 17, 2006

Stash Separation Therapy

My yarn is in hiding, at least until the electricians leave. I didn't realize I would miss having all those random balls and needles and projects hanging around. As promised, I have been working only on WIPs since my last post. It's all fairly dull and un-photo worthy. It's a good thing I have this beauty to show off instead:
And a peek at the back:
This is the fruit of many hours of labor on the part of the knitting group at work. It's for a former coworker who is expecting a little girl any day (minute??) now. The pattern is the Counting Sheep Blanket from Easy Baby Knits. The book calls for it to be knit in strips, but we did separate blocks instead, so as to spread the work out. I made a couple of plain block and a fuzzy sheep block. You probably can't tell from the pictures, but the sheep are sooooo cute!


tarcher said...

That is sooooo cute. I love it.

Sarah said...

That is beyond words cute!