Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wide World of WIPs

We've had some electrical problems at the house recently (see the venting post, if you dare!), and there is an electrician coming later this week to rewire stuff and add some outlets. My computer stuff will have their own dedicated switch in the fuse box. This is really great, except that my stash is in the way of the old outlets. The next few evenings are going to involve a lot of creative stash hiding - in closets, the spare bedroom, wherever. This little home improvement thing has also shed light on my embarrasing WIP situation. So, to keep my self honest, I'll make this pledge publically: I will not to cast on for anything new until the following projects are done:
1. Inner Truth - this has a deadline, so it's at the top of the list. It's about 20" and my Scarf Exchange spoilee wants a 4 footer.
2. Icarus - this is getting kinda pathetic. I have to put this tragic figure to rest already!
3. Striped Manos/Lopi felted bag - I had forgotten about this until this weekend. It needs the straps sewn in and then it's got a date with the washing machine.
4. Felted Shibori Scarf - stalled at ball 3 of 4
5. Funky Tank Top - still no neck and arm bands! That's really all that's left to be done.
I was going to promise to do them in order, but total project monogamy, even for brief stints, is too painful to contemplate. Fickle fickle me. Don't think these are all my WIPs. I'm sure there are more waiting to be rediscovered in my stash. I could have sworn there was felted messenger bag I started who knows when....

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