Monday, December 11, 2006

Wrapping Up

To mark the year's end, I present finished objects:
Yes, more stripey scarves in the round! The one on the left is made from 2 balls of Lion Brand Magic Stripes in the color Lumberjack (and I'm OK! I sleep all night and I work all day!). The one on the right is made from two balls of Regia. It's 4-ply I think. I've already forgotten the color.

As soon as those came off the needles, these went on:
It Magic Stripes and Trekking XXL, respectively. I know I've bitched about them before, but now I can't stop making these scarves. Those little Addi Turbos are terrible enablers. They just keep going round and round and round....

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tarcher said...

Totally great. When do you ever find the time to do such wonderful projects? Thank you so much for the wonderful fudge and the ever so fabulous stitch markers. I love them. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. My dd2 and I are heading to dd1's for the Christmas weekend, but coming back on Sunday since she has to work on Christmas day :(. But we'll get to see how much dd1's tummy has grown, LOL. BTW it looks like it is a boy!