Monday, December 18, 2006

Year of the Bard?

I'm so excited about Shakespeare in Washington! Six months of plays, lectures, ballets, and other Shakespeare-related stuff. Ok, so it's more like "Half Year of the Bard." I'm hoping to get tickets to the free Twelfth Night performance at the Kennedy Center (on Twelfth Night too, no less!). If I'm not too broke in the spring, maybe I'll splurge and see the Royal Shakespeare Company do Coriolanus.

I finished a scarf:
and I joined the stranded knit along. The plan is to (eventually) knit up the lovely Bea Ellis hat from the kit that my wonderful SP7 Liz sent me. I was too chicken to try it, until now. How did I grow a spine, you ask? Since school is done, I have time to attend the knitting group at work again. Last week, one of the knitters was showing everyone a Fair Isle sweater she was making. Oh my gosh was it beautiful! She showed us pattern books and how to work with a strand in each hand, and I was just smitten. For practice, I made the Center Square hat from the new Knitty:
Here's the inside:
This is a great intro to stranding project, with thick yarn and a short and easy pattern. I'll definately be making more!


Dr_Leonesse said...

That's a great start on stranded knitting! Knew you'd shine. ;)

Jinann said...

Wow! That's fantastic!