Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Another hazy day

With consistent weather comes consistent schedules, and there is nothing as comforting as routine. My doggie has permanently parked himself in front of the air conditioner vent. My aunt, who moved in with us from New Jersey, has started a new job (hooray for the gainfully employed!) As for me, I go to work in the slightly uncomfortable morning heat and drag myself home in the sweltering late afternoon heat. In between, I try to avoid going outside whenever possible. I forgot my lunch yesterday and, rather than braving the heat, decided to make do with what I found in the 3rd Fl. vending machine. Rice Krispies Treat for lunch? Why not? Rice is good for you!

Lastly, apologies to my secret pal. I got a lovely e-card from her (probably a her??) a few days ago, but bad blogger that I am, I forgot to mention it in my last post. But now I'm excited!! I love getting mail, especially knitting-related mail!

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