Saturday, June 25, 2005

Soooooooooo tired...........

It's concert week and I've had to go from work to rehearsal and then in the opposite direction home every day all week. We had our concert tonight, which was very exciting. There were some bumps in the Mozart, but the Bach went pretty well, despite the shaky run-through last night at the dress rehearsal. Anyway, now that the adrenaline rush has faded, I'm pretty much pooped! Friday night concerts are such a challenge, since they come at the end of the work week when everyone's already tired. But for all my complaining, I know I'll miss choir next year. And they're doing the Verdi Requiem next season too! I would so love to sing that! But choir's really far away and the commute's just too much. I guess I'll have to settle for going to their concerts, and in the interim, listening to the CD.

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