Friday, June 03, 2005

My dog ate it...

My first weaving attempt, that is. No, really, my dog did eat it, or at least kinda chewed on it. Our knitting group got a visit from Carol, a lovely and patient weaver, who showed us how to make cardboard looms. She even handed out cute little kits with everything you need to weave a mini project. So I started weaving my little house yesterday. But after taking a break, I came back to this:

A drool-covered loom and a guilty-looking doggie - at least he didn't swallow the needle! Happily, there have been no dog-related mishaps with my knitting. Here are two FOs:

The diagonal scarf was a quick and easy knit. Hooray! Now I can cast on for my knit-a-long shawl.

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