Friday, July 21, 2006

Do Re Mi So Crazy

A few months ago, in a moment of uncharacteristic optimism, I signed up to sing in the University of Maryland Summer Chorus. How was this optimistic? Well, because I knew that, though summer music groups are less formal in appearance (picture soloists in flipflops), the commitment is still quite serious. But I signed up anyway! What is wrong with me?!

One more rehearsal until the concert tomorrow. Afterwards, I can breathe easy and solemnly swear never to do this again. Although ...they are having auditions for the upcoming season in, no, no! Must fight the urge - I just have to keeping reminding myself that auditions make me very queasy and if (by some miracle) I get in, I'll be too tired and harried to be happy about it.

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Polly said...

I wish I could hear singing on the blog!