Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mr. Brown Comes to Washington

I got to see Alton Brown at the Smithsonian last night! So cool! He's even quirkier and funnier on stage than on his show. The auditorium was packed with his fans and he didn't disappoint. He was plugging his new book/TV movie about road food, so he shared film excerpts and anecdotes in an "inside the actors studio" format. I managed to get a few blurry photos:A brave and fortunate audience member got to play the host (a.k.a. James Lipton). Then there was a Q&A with some good questions and some oddball ones too (some of his fans are as...um...eccentric...as he is). Anyway, I laughed a lot, and when I wasn't laughing too hard to control my fingers, I knit. FYI, stocking in the round with worsted weight is a nice dim-lights-and-many-distractions knitting, until you get to those darn stich markers!

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