Monday, July 24, 2006

Sundry Updates

The concert was a blast on Saturday! Lots of fun singing and a very appreciative audience to boot! We sang Schubert's Mass in G, Hailstork's "I Will Lift Mine Eyes," nd Beethoven's Choral Fantasie. The last one is the music from the old Dean Witter TV ads - you know the ones Saturday Night Live used to make fun of. This was way before they merged with Morgan Stanley). I think one of the best things about summer concerts is that they attract people who might not have been to a choral performance before. Classical music has a reputation (not always undeserved) for stuffiness, and having a good choir singing dressed down in t-shirts can change some perceptions.

Polly asked about music samples, which is a great idea! I will try to find some excerpts from concerts I've been in. I'm one voice in a hundred, so you won't hear me personally - at least I hope not. If I'm feeling brave, I'll post something from one of my voice lessons. I can do a respectable Katisha, though I like to think I'm not a vengeful, scorned woman. That's one of those choral biases that probably stems from common human generalizations: Sopranos are innocent heroines (the lovely young blond who gets the guy in the end). The altos are older and cleverer (not meant as a compliment). They never get the guy, or at least not the guy they want. The tenors are the heroes (the dashing one who runs off with the soprano) and the basses are either older wise men or older evil men.

After the concert, Icarus and I took a mutual time out. I made a small boo boo on the last row - no big deal really: I can fix it by dropping down a row (no tinking back), but I thought I could use a break from all those damn beads! I have to get back to it in a day or two because the intended giftee will be leaving in a couple of weeks.

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad your concert went well. I miss attending my dd1's concerts. She sang in her high school choir and then at her college, too. They went to England once and sang there. DD2 was my violinist. She is awesome. I am always in awe of your accomplishments. I am still plugging away at the Mystery Stole about to start clue 3. It's not that diffecult just lace weight and size 3 needles. Ugh.

secret pal