Friday, January 20, 2012

From Past to Present

I've been trying to organize a bit This has involved some book moving, paperwork scanning and yarn sorting. I also found a bunch of cassette tapes and I thought maybe I could do some kind of digital transfer, so I could keep the music I wanted but also free up some space. I found this on sale:
Behold auto-reverse! Now that's some late 1980s state of the art technology for you! But it does have a newer feature for digitizing too:
Here's the USB port.
The build isn't very sturdy, the door is flimsy and the latch that secures it isn't actually very secure, so the door doesn't always stay closed. It's also weird how the battery compartment is accessed from the inside.
I shouldn't even call it a battery compartment really, since it's not actually separated from the main circuit board and other internal components. It's more of a hole to provide access to the part of the box where the battery contacts are. Kinda sketchy, if you ask me! I think I'll stick to powering this device via USB. Craftsmanship issues aside though, I've tested it and managed to transfer a few minutes of audio from an old cassette to my computer. The resulting file sounds fine, so I guess, for all it's quirks, this will do for my purposes. The transfer process is pretty simple, if a bit time consuming (I miss you, hi-speed dubbing!), and is done using the Audacity, included on the CD but also available as freeware online.

In knitting news, well, there isn't much. Just another little hat:

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