Sunday, January 01, 2012


That was a very long blog hiatus indeed. I certainly didn't intend to be off the air for quite so long, but life events, anticipated and otherwise, got the better of me. I'm not in the habit of making New Year's resolutions, so instead I'll just call this is regular old resolution to try to blog a bit more regularly.

There was a wee bit of crazy baking over the holidays. Not as insane as at the height of my crazy baking glory, but still pretty respectable I think:
7 types of cookies spread over 9 sugary tiers of dessert goodness. From the top left:
  1. pecan bars
  2. Nanaimo bars
  3. caramel heavenlies
  4. more pecan bars
  5. lemon bars
  6. marble brownies
  7. dulce de leche bars
  8. more dulce
  9. oatmeal caramelitas
The caramelitas didn't come out as intended. I tried making my own caramel sauce instead of using bottled topping. I substituted whole milk for cream, and, well, I got a reminder of why sometimes there is not substituting for the real thing. Ah well, still came out sort of caramelly, just not as creamy.

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