Thursday, May 25, 2006


These were waiting for me at work Wednesday morning:

What a splendid present from Nivene! She's my new coworker who so generously shared some of her secret stash of British candy.

Oh. my. goodness. Chocolate! And it's not just any chocolate either. I haven't had a Bounty bar in about 20 years! How sad is that?? We had them all the time in Saudi Arabia, but then you couldn't get American staples like M&Ms and Mr. Goodbar (and pork - I missed that too). I guess the grass is always greener (or the chocolate's always better) on the other side. Bounties are like almondless Almond Joys, or Mounds with milk chocolate instead of dark. I had one of the Aero bars last night and the verdict is they're fabulous! I really like the texture from the air bubbles throughout the center. It's kind of the same play on texture as the Cadbury Crunchies, encept with chocolate instead of toffee. The Kit Kat is intriguing. I always thought it was a Hershey candy, but apparently the UK version is the original. Nivene swears the Nestle one is better. I'm off to investigate....


Anonymous said...

I am beginning to know that you have a sweet tooth, LMBO.

Polly said...

Euro choc is so much better than US... I go to the Indian stores to get the candy bars (actually Cost Plus sells them too but way more expensive)