Sunday, May 14, 2006

Post-Jersey Post

We headed off to the Garden State Saturday morning, me with blanket and laptop in tow (still have my last paper to finish). The last ball of cotton was mesmerized by the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel lights. Ooooooo.....

For my SP: a big howdy to your peeps in Rising Sun!

I was casting the blanket off my needles as we got to my cousin's house. Here's the new blankie making itself at home:

"Home" for my cousin is a really nice small town with its very own yarn store. "Home" also has 4 rug stores, but oddly no McDonalds - hmmm, I'm not sure why they need so many rugs, yet no chicken mcnuggets. Anyway, I finally got a chance to go yesterday with Aida (we enable each other's yarn addiction...not healthy, but fun!). Now, it's not like I needed more yarn (Hello, Mia, MD Sheep and Wool was last week!), but these were calling to me:

so now they're mine!

And so are these two balls of Bernat Matrix on sale at The Rag Shop, which apparently is that area's equivalent to the Joann's stores we have here.
Mmmmm, sparkly...

Now I'm off to finish my paper, but we brought some sweets home from the trip:
so I'll have plenty of sugar to get me through it.

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