Monday, May 22, 2006

Steeee-rike Two

I decided to take another stab at Bea's cable while watching the 24 season finale. Probably not the greatest idea. It was hard to concentrate in the face of all that gripping television. This chart would be well suited to a Masterpiece Theatre period piece ("knit four, stroll through the English countryside, cable 2 forward, suspect Mr. Knightly loves you, repeat"). It's not so good for a real-time show with as many cliffhangers as characters. It took multiple trial runs, using thicker yarn, larger needles and a enlarged chart, but I eventually got some pretty diamonds. Yay! I did a little victory dance, frogged my "training swatch" and turned my attention to Bea itself. So, am I back on track?
Not exactly. At least this time they look like well-tended tangly vines. That's an improvement, but not quite what I wanted. I think I'll have to take this to the knitting group at work. Must seek counsel from some wise knitters.

For now, I have Icarus to console me. There's no point in a new photo: pattern-wise, it's the long dark teatime of the soul. I hope to finish chart 1 by the end of the week.


Anonymous said...

You are right about having to concentrate on anything other than knit purl, LOL. I finally finished the left side and casted on the right side of a side tie vest last night. Haven't worked on the poor little sock since our trip OOT. OH well maybe this weekend when I finish the vest. But then they may have our lace KAL posted by then :) and I can start that. I have so much stash that I could knit from now till....... LOL. Good thing cause we don't have a very good LYS.

Your Secret Pal 8

Polly said...

I have the same problems when I go to knit groups. I want to bring something complicated to show I can knit, but no one wants to watch me rip and curse.