Sunday, May 21, 2006


I'm working my way through Icarus. Here it is at the third repeat of chart 1:
Emboldened by my progress on the shawl, I indulged in a bit of startitis yesterday and cast on for Bea from Rowan Little Treasures. Things were going swimmingly (check out the pleat! Cute, no?):

I should emphasize the were. I got to the charted cable section for the bodice area and proceeded to make a total hash of it.
Hmmm, I thought it was supposed to be a pretty diamond pattern, kinda lattice-like. I can't blame this on my poor photography skills. Mine looks more like knotted vines. I'll give it a rest and come back when my head clears.


Leah said...

Icarus is gorgeous! I adore that purple you are using!

Anonymous said...

Too, too cute. And I love purple, too. The pleats are intresting, I have never tried those. I am about finished with the left side of the vest for my daughter. Then cast on the right side. I have frogged the left side 3 times. Finally got it right, LOL. I was missing something in the pattern. Can't wait to finish it.