Friday, June 09, 2006

Happy Friday!

My cousin's darling new baby at one week. I swear he's winking at me.

Icarus is in good shape. Here it is after Chart 2:
As I was starting chart 2, I realized I had been short changing each of the chart 1 repeats by 2 rows ('cuz I can't read charts). I forged ahead anyway ('cuz I'm lazy). It may be shorter, but I'm almost guaranteed not to run out of yarn. At this point, I kinda wish the shawl had more lace and less stocking stitch. My opinion may change if I run into trouble with the next two charts.

More garden-fresh purplyness: violets and hostas.

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Polly said...

You mean other babies were born last week besides little Shiloh Nouvelle? ADORABLE little baby!