Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Last weekend, I discovered an A.C. Moore in Bowie. They had a sale on shiny sparkly beads and of course I caved. I decided to make some stitch markers (fuzzy picture alert!):
They all fit a size 9 needle, though the ones with fewer beads on them can fit up to a 10.5. Next time, I'll use longer head pins, maybe 2.5 - 3 inches, so the markers can fit larger needles. I also have to work on how to twist the wire so it looks neat. Otherwise, not bad for a first try.

My doggie made his own discovery: a new place to look pretty in!
This box is destined for New Zealand, sans doggie of course. It's a care package for my cousin and his wife who are emigrating there. Since New Zealand, unlike the Philippines, actually gets cold weather (I keep having to remind myself that it's winter in the southern hemisphere), mom included some nice warm jackets and I knit up a couple of scarves. Gotta share the warmth with other tropical transplants!

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