Monday, June 19, 2006

On Hold

It's official: I'm going to run out of yarn for Icarus. At this point I have some options:
(1) do some pattern tinkering. My brain shuts down for the summer - not sure it can handle this task in its current liquid state.
(2) break down and ordered another skein of Shadow from Knitpicks.
I'm leaning towards option 2. The new skein will almost certainly be a different dyelot since I bought the first two skeins about a year ago. I was thinking about alternating a row of the old lot with a row of the new so as to make the color change more gradual.


Anonymous said...

Oh well if you must you must buy more yarn LOL. Can't be all bad. Hope you are having a good week. We've been very busy. But that's a good thing. Makes time move faster. I have finished 8 repeats of my lace. 8 more to go then the edging. I can get one 24 row repeat done an evening. So that's good.

Polly said...

definitely alternate and slowly bring in, in the end, I dont think anyone but you will notice